Peter Barnes

(1917 - 2002)

Peter Barnes died in 2002. 

He lived near Llanbister and often had lunch in the Red Lion.

This is a short description of his life taken from a video our teacher made of Peter before he died.

Peter Barnes was born in 1917 on the same day as his father died.  His father was a pilot in World War One.  Later in in his life he decided he wanted to join the RAF.  He signed up in 1936 and although he passed all the tests he didn't start training until 1937.

His first assignment was to take photographs of the Germans.  He flew a Spitfire at the time.  His plane didn't have guns, but cameras instead and was unable to defend itself. On the way home he was shot at by Messerschmitt 109s.  He was shot down and taken to a hospital in France.  As he was leaving hospital German tanks were coming towards them.