A Timeline of Magellan's Life


1480 : Magellan was born in Portugal. He was the son of a wealthy Portuguese landowner.

1493 : When he was thirteen he went as a page to the court of the king of Portugal.  There he heard much talk about the discoveries of new lands. also new ways of reaching the spice islands of the east.

1517 : Magellan married Beatriz, the daughter of a wealthy Portuguese merchant who had traded in Spain. Beatriz's father helped Magellan get an introduction to the Spanish court.

1518 : Magellan left Portugal and went to Spain. Magellan convinced King Charles 1st of Spain to support his voyage. The King promised Magellan 0ne-fifth of the profits from the voyage to the Spice Islands.

1519 : Magellan's small fleet set sail. An Italian called Pigafetta kept a detailed diary of everything that happened on the voyage.

1520: In late March, Magellan's fleet anchored for the winter in what is now southern Argentina. During the Winter a storm destroyed their ship the Santiago. In an edition, mutiny broke out shortly after the men set up their winter quarters. Magellan and his crew resumed their voyage on October 18th.

1521 : The Vittoria (Victoria) began it's long journey homer in December, sailing westwards around the tip of Africa. It was 28 months since it had set sail from Spain and though the return journey was shorter it was just as hazardous.

1521 :Magellan died on April 27th at the age of 42, in the Battle of Mactan in Homonhon in the Philippines. Magellan was killed by native Indians an Indian hurled a bamboo spear into the captains face one of them wounded him on the left leg with a large cutlass.

1522 : Of the 260 or so crew aboard five ships who set out, only 18 men and one ship, the Vittoria (Victoria), returned to Spain. They were the first people to sail right around the world.

These 18 men returned to Seville with The Victoria in 1522:

Juan Elcano, from Getaria - Master

Francisco Albo, from Axio-Pilot

Miguel de Rodas-Pilot

Juan de Acurio, from Bermeo-Pilot

Antonio Lombardo (Pigafetta), from Vicenza-Supernumerary

Martin de Judicibus, from Genoa-Chief Steward

Hernando de Bustamante, from Alcantara-Mariner

Nicholas the Greek, from Naples-Mariner

Miguel Sanchez, from Rhodes-Mariner

Antonio Hernandez Colmenero, from Huelva-Mariner

Francisco Rodrigues, Portuguese from Seville-Mariner

Juan Rodriguez, from Huelva-Mariner

Diego Carmena -Mariner

Hans of Aachen-Gunner

Juan de Arratia, from Bilbao-Able seaman

Vasco Gomez Gallego the Portuguese, from Bayona-Able Seaman

Juan de Santandres, from Cueto-Apprentice Seaman

Juan de Zubileta, from Barakaldo-Page



By Amy Thomas and Katie Jones.